Shipping Policy

Items of Shipping Policy

1. Delivery time

Specifically, it refers to working days, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays in accordance with statutory regulations.

2. Shipping area

According to different regions and markets, the indicated time is the estimated time, which is given by the shipping company. The final delivery time including the delivery time will be updated in the tracking system in time. Times and fees are constantly updated according to the epidemic or special circumstances.

3. Changes in shipping costs

The freight cost of the covered delivery market is determined by the shipping company, and some goods cannot reach some areas, please understand.

4. Free shipping service

Some products will carry free shipping during the promotion period. For specific products, please refer to the specific product page to determine the product activities. Free shipping is available within the effective time range of the activity, but if it exceeds the time limit, you will need to pay for shipping. .

5. Express and General Shipping

The delivery is classified into ordinary and express, which will be indicated on the corresponding product page. The specific delivery situation will be adjusted according to the cost changes of the shipping company in the market. Please check the unit price before placing the order before placing the order.

6. Business model (involving purchase quantity, B2C, B2B)

When it comes to the actual operation of the shipping company, we will need to pay the customs fees for B2C products in different markets. For monthly B2B orders, we will discuss and determine the order quantity according to the actual cost of the shipping company. of.