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Mowing robot exclusive algorithm, RTK+GNSS, millimeter wave radar.

1. Scan the perimeter of the lawn in a few minutes to build a boundary map.

2. LiDAR, inertial navigation GPS. The position is accurate to within 5mm, and the status and trajectory graphics can be displayed on the APP software.

3. Intelligent obstacle avoidance for suspended, low, transparent, dynamic or static obstacles.

4. When the battery of the robot is low, it will send out an audible and visual alarm, and the robot will automatically go to the deployed charging area to connect to the charging pile for charging.

Available on backorder

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Continuously iteratively upgrade the technology and algorithm of the mowing robot, RTK+GNSS, millimeter wave radar. Excellent applications of artificial intelligence, sensors, and algorithms.

1. Use voice or APP to remotely control the mowing robot, quickly scan the periphery of the lawn, build a boundary map, and build an executable mowing map in the app.

2. Divide the map into blocks, and assign attributes and state definitions to each area of lawn.

3 Adopt the most advanced real-time positioning (RTK+GNSS/GPS), accurate to within 5mm position navigation, continuous intelligent update of direction and attitude, and can display the status on the APP software.

4. Autonomous navigation between two points can be performed according to the geographical blocks divided according to the tasks. The robot can independently plan the path during the execution of the task, fully cover the area scanned in the initial stage of mowing the lawn, and can be synchronized to the APP software to view the task trajectory in real time.

5. The robot can intelligently reposition the breakpoint in the operation project, and continue the cutting task again. After cutting in area 1, it will automatically go to area 2 for mowing work through the path that can be driven through.

6. For suspended, low, transparent, dynamic or static obstacles, it will start to alarm after confirmation, and can effectively avoid them. The precise microwave technology is used for obstacle avoidance. A lot of tests and learning have been done on the slope, inclination, camber, inclination angle, and other abnormal situations during driving.

7. Reduce the speed of the mowing cutterhead during obstacle avoidance, and the avoidance area will be displayed on the APP map. After cutting, turn around and cut the obstacle avoidance area again. If you still find some obstacles there, give up the cutting temporarily, and prompt the owner to remove the obstacles in the APP.

8. When the robot touches an obstacle, the safety edge sensor is triggered, and the robot will immediately stop moving and the cutter head will stop. Stand back and start planning your mowing motion again.

9. There are detection and corresponding processing for collision, lifting, rollover and abnormal position of the lawn mower (the processing measures include changing the driving path, stopping the wheels and cutter heads, sending alarms, powering off or locking the whole machine, etc.)

10. When the battery of the robot is low, there will be an audible and visual alarm, and the robot will automatically go to the deployed charging area to dock with the charging pile for charging. You can also manually send charging tasks to the robot through voice or APP to perform charging.

11. The cutter head can cut different heights and different types of grass.

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