Portable Power Station 300W P03S


  • 110V/300W AC Outlet (Please mark if you need 220V before checkout)
  • Solar Generator (Solar Panel Not Included)
  • Outdoors Camping/Hunting/Working/Travel/Shopping/Climbing/Aerial Photography/SLR camera/Laptop/Mobile/Tablet/Game Console
  • Emergency Case/Emergency Illumination/Medical Rescue/Fire Rescue
  • Power Capacity 4000mAh*8 series 3 paralle/ Battery Model Cell 26700/4000mAh 0.5C/ Battery Power  307WH
  • Inverter Pure Sine Wave AC 110V-60Hz/220V-50Hz
  • Inverter peak AC Peak Value 600 W Peak holding time<50ms
  • Conversion Efficiency Above 85%
  • Product Size: 216*173*170 MM/Packing Size: 270*222*260 MM
  • Net weight: 7.5 KG / Gross weight: 8.1 KG
  • Color: Black or Cool Silver (Please mark the color if you need cool silver color)


Portable Power Station 300W A1

Portable Power Station 300W A1

Portable Power Station 300W P03S


DC5521  15-19V-4A

  •  AC OUTPUT 110V

AC output: 1 AC socket AC110V-300W/220V±5% ((Default is 110V, please mark if your need 220V Portable Power Station 100W P03S)
AC output over power protection: about 350W
AC output waveform: pure sine wave
AC output peak: 600W peak hold time <50ms
Frequency: 110V-60Hz/220V-50Hz


USB1 output : QC3.0 MAX 12V/1.5A

USB2 output: QC3.0 MAX 12V/1.5A

USB3 output: QC3.0 MAX 12V/1.5A


12V /10A Max


TYPE-C1 PD60W output

  • Batteries

Type: Lithium Iron Phosphate 26700/4000mAh
Capacity: 12AH (3S2P)
Power:  307WH
Cycle life: more than 1000 times

  • Charging Parameter

DC 15-19V/4A

  • Charging Time

4-5H from 0% to 100% (automatic cut-off).

  • Full Voltage

28.8V±0.1V, the voltage is which the battery is charged to the automatic cut-off.

  • LED Display

Power capacity, charging, stop charging status:  Power capacity percent, ower bar.

DC, AC, inverter status: USB QC 3.0 and AC switch status.

  • Static self-consumption ﹤700uA

  • No load sleeping

AC without any load: AC output will be automatically turned off after 1 minute.

DC has no loading:  As AC turned off, DC loading will automatically go to sleep in one minute.

  • Protection Function

Short, overload, over temperature, over voltage, over current, under voltage, etc.

Display AC will flash three times and turn off the AC symbol

  • Inverter over temperature protection

Over temperature protection ≥100℃
Over temperature recovery ≤80℃

Power On/Off

  • Power On/Off Switch Click to power on or off the P03S
  • There re switches  ot control each output individually

Product characteristics

  • Safety: protection designs, whether charging, discharging or standby, can easily cope with overcharge, overcharge discharge, high temperature, short circuit and other abnormal conditions provide reliable guarantee for your mobile power supply and digital equipments.
  • High efficiency: fast charging efficiency, PD / QC high current output, high conversion rate.
  • Interface: This product has two USB output interfaces, one type-C output input compatible interface and one AC output, the interface can charge most of the notebook, tablet, UAVs, home fans and cameras.



    1. No short, decomposition to Portable Power Station 300W P03S and throwing into the fire;
    2. It is not allowed to dismantle the charger and battery without permission to transform them;
    3. Do not adjust the output voltage to be higher than the equipment voltage, otherwise the equipment may be damaged;
    4. Pay attention not to heavy pressure, fall, strong vibration, rabbit caused by short circuit phenomenon, resulting in short circuit detonating when charging;
    5. Use and store under the condition of ventilation, room temperature and dryness, and do not use and store in overheated and humid environment;
    6. For the product heat dissipation space, reserve 5CM space around the product to make heat dissipation convection;
    7. When the power of the product is insufficient, the load power exceeds the rated power or the ambient temperature is too high, the product will automatically start the protection function to close the output;
    8.  Power charging, it is recommended to charge without load;
    9. The power supply itself will be exhausted if it is not used for a long time, please make sure to charge it every 6 months;
    10.  When using AC load, the power provided by this product is the rated load power. Generally, the AC load device with less than this power can be used normally. However, some electrical equipment often starts with a power greater than the rated power when it is turned on, such as the moment when the motor equipment starts. The power is generally several times the rated power. In addition, the starting power of energy-saving lamps is about dozens of times of their rated power. If their starting power is greater than the peak power of our products, the overload protection function of our products will be activated, and the output will be automatically turned off;
    11. It is forbidden to use this product in the environment of gasoline, gas and other flammable, explosive and corrosive gases;
    12. The product has accidentally entered water or other foreign substances. In order to ensure the safety of the product, please send it to the distribution office for testing and processing. Due to abnormal use, the company will charge according to the actual situation.


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