mmWave Radar Fall Detector Pro


mmWave Radar Fall Detector Pro

Voice communication and Wall Installation

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mmWave Radar Fall Detector Pro

Voice communication and Wall Installation

1 Fall detection

Realize the recognition of people’s falls. Falls are easy to
occur in slippery places such as toilets, bathrooms, and
kitchens during daily activities. It can accurately obtain
the location information of people, provide non-contact
person detection through accurate point cloud data, and
realize fall alarm, receive alarm and cancel alarm report.

2. Personnel presence identification and reporting.

3. The descent time and alarm time can be set.

4. Drop height and drop sensitivity can be set. Get the
spec sheet for more information.

5. Privacy protection

This product has the advantages of all-day, all-weather,
safety, convenience, high sensitivity, stable performance,
strong anti-interference, privacy protection, and low
power consumption. Millimeter wave radar detection can
overcome the adverse effects of light while effectively
protecting the privacy of the monitored objects.

6. Voice interaction.

The function of this PRO version
is to interact with people, actively ask the person who fell
or the person who fell asked the device. If the setting
requirements are met, the alarm will be alarmed. The
monitoring data can be set.

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Dimensions 8 × 8 × 2.5 cm


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