mmWave Fall Detector for Safety & Security


This product detects falls and sends an alert message to a designated contact using mmWave technology. It is not a wearable product, so that people do not have any wearing restraints or attach to body restraints, and there is no video surveillance and image surveillance to invade your or your family’s personal privacy.  Any risk of falls will be communicated to you, your family, caregivers etc. in a timely manner. (You can use your own APP or TUYA)


  • Product function of mmWave Fall Detector

1) Fall posture alarm
Recognize the posture of the human body lying on the ground and report it to the mobile phone in real time

2) Stationary parking alarm
If the human body is in any posture and remains still for a long time, there will be multiple alarm prompts

3) Precise life detection, human presence detection
Accurate and continuous detection of active, static, and comatose human bodies

4) Entry and exit time records
Entry time, movement range record, leave time record

  • Installation instructions and installation precautions for mmWave Fall Detector

(1) Fix the product on the top of the house. Drill holes and pre-embed expansion screws, or stick to the wall;
(2) Push in the expansion screw to fix the bottom plate of the mounting bracket;
(3) Align the radar base with the buckle of the mounting bracket, and fix the radar in the direction of rotation;
(4) The product has an elliptical shape, the long side is the longer distance of the radar, and the short side is the shorter distance
(5) Power on the device, configure the network, and connect to the App

Installation Notes: Top Installation
* To ensure the accuracy of radar detection, please install it on top!
(1) Fall detection:
The detection range of the top radar detection is 4m*4m, and the detection range of the fall is 3m*2m. It needs to be adjusted according to the room structure.
Design the radar installation location.


When the overhead radar detects human activities, the range is about 5 meters * 6 meters, and when the human body is stationary, the range is 4 meters * 4 meters. need
The radar installation location should be designed according to the room structure.




mmWave Fall Detector Roof Installation

mmWave Fall Detector Roof Installation



What to do after a fall?

a. For the elderly who fainted due to insufficient blood supply to the brain, it is more beneficial to improve the blood supply to the brain tissue if they can lie on their backs. If they are lifted, the symptoms of cerebral ischemia will be aggravated. So, how do you give first aid if you find an elderly person who has fallen?

b. First, observe the expression and demeanor of the old man. If he’s conscious, ask him why he fell and offer help.

c. When angina pectoris occurs, help them take the first-aid medicine they carry with them, observe the condition after taking the medicine, and then decide whether to send to the hospital.

d. Immediately call a medical emergency number if you encounter a patient who is unconscious or has impairments in physical activity and speech.

First aid measures after a fall

a. It is necessary to determine whether the fall of the elderly is caused by sudden death. Sudden loss of consciousness and disappearance of aortic pulse in an elderly person who is usually healthy or in stable condition should be regarded as sudden death.

b. For patients who have died suddenly, they should immediately lie flat on the ground, and activities are strictly prohibited. At the same time, cardiopulmonary resuscitation should be implemented immediately, that is, percussion on the patient’s precordial area, chest compressions and mouth-to-mouth artificial respiration.

c. And quickly call the medical emergency number, ask a doctor or go to the nearest hospital for treatment.

d. Determine whether falls in the elderly are caused by transient ischemic attack or stroke. Especially when a person with diabetes falls, it is important to determine the cause of the fall.

e. Because data shows that people with diabetes are four times more likely to fall. The risk of transient cerebral ischemia and stroke is 2 to 3 times that of non-diabetic patients.

f. Transient ischemic attack refers to transient local neurological dysfunction or defect caused by carotid artery, vertebral artery and cerebral artery disease.

g. Stroke patients often present with dizziness, vertigo, limb weakness, hemiplegia, and movement disorders. Should try to avoid moving such patients, not to shake the patient’s body. The correct way is: if the patient is sitting on the ground and has not completely fallen down, he can move a chair to support him, or directly step forward to support him.

h. If the patient has completely fallen to the ground, slowly adjust the patient to the supine position while carefully turning the head and face to one side to avoid suffocation caused by vomit entering the trachea. When carrying out first aid at the scene, a doctor should be called for rescue as soon as possible.

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