mmWave Breathing Heartbeat Monitor


This product is a mmWave-based device that can monitor a person’s breathing and heartbeat.


mmWave Breathing Heartbeat Monitor

Introduction of mmWave Breathing Heartbeat Monitor

  • The 60GHz respiratory and heartbeat radar uses 60GHz millimeter wave radar technology to realize the human respiratory rate and heart rate
    non-contact sensing.
  • The breathing and heartbeat observation distance is 0.4-2 meters, and the output power is small, which does not pose any harm to the human body.
  • Not affected by temperature, humidity, noise, airflow, dust, light and other environments; product performance can be adjusted through interface parameters.

Features of mmWave Breathing Heartbeat Monitor

  •  Radar detection based on FMCW signal
  • Realize synchronous perception of human respiratory rate and heart rate
  • The detection distance of breathing and heartbeat is 0.4-2m
  • Low output power, no harm to human body
  • It is not affected by temperature, humidity, noise, air flow, dust, light and other environmental factors
  • Get out of bed alarm, installed on the head of the bed and will report when people leave or fall off the bed
  • Precise life detection, human presence detection, accurate and continuous detection of active, static, and comatose human bodies
  • Sleep quality record, output a night’s sleep record and analyze sleep quality


mmWave Breathing Heartbeat Monitor

mmWave Breathing Heartbeat Monitor


  • Installation instructions and installation precautions for mmWave Fall Detector

(1) Fix the product on the top of the house. Drill holes and pre-embed expansion screws, or stick to the wall;
(2) Push in the expansion screw to fix the bottom plate of the mounting bracket;
(3) Align the radar base with the buckle of the mounting bracket, and fix the radar in the direction of rotation;
(4) The product has an elliptical shape, the long side is the longer distance of the radar, and the short side is the shorter distance
(5) Power on the device, configure the network, and connect to the App

Installation Notes: Top Installation
* To ensure the accuracy of radar detection, please install it on top!

  • a.Breathing heartbeat detection

The effective distance of the ceiling radar to detect breathing and heartbeat is 0.4-2 meters, which needs to be designed and installed according to the room structure

mmWave Breathing Heartbeat Monitor

mmWave Breathing Heartbeat Monitor

  • a.Human presence detection

When the overhead radar detects human activities, the range is about 5 meters * 6 meters, and when the human body is stationary, the range is 4 meters * 4 meters. need according to the room structure is used to design the radar installation location.

Human presence detection installation

Human presence detection installation

  • Why need to this mmWave Breathing Heartbeat Detector?

    1. The sleep monitoring radar equipment is based on the millimeter-wave radar system to realize the perception of human biological existence and human motion perception.
    2. Continuously record the existence of the human body, and judge the target’s sleep state, breathing and heart rate in real time according to the changes in body movement range and breathing and heart rate during sleep.
    3. After a period of sleep, the sleep score is output, and the output of related sleep parameters is combined with the application of health care.
    4. Sleep breathing function detection is not affected by factors such as temperature, humidity, noise airflow, dust, and light.


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