Beacon Tracker


Portable asset beacon tracker with bluetooth technology and up to 60m broadcast transmission range, mainly used for item, household tools, asset and inventory tracking in different industries.

Use the accelerometer sensor to determine the movement of the product due to any change in motion.

Products can also be customized according to customer requirements.


Beacon Tracker

Attached to your asset for tracking

Track things at home or anywhere that are easy to forget the specific location, or manage the location of items.

Give you  notification of the location status of any item you need to know whether it is moving or stationary, or use our beacon tracker in your specific project application scenario.

Product Name

Beacon Tracker/iBeacon Tracker

Product Model


Key Tech items

Beacon/iBeacon Positioning and Broadcasting with gravity sensor

Beacon Functions

1. Data Broadcasting

Beacon is a Bluetooth low-power broadcast protocol, and the device periodically sends unique UUID and data packets. The receiving end performs scanning, the data packet and the unique MAC address broadcast by Beacon, and RSSI is the core of the broadcast data.

2. The receiving end takes corresponding actions according to the UUID and data packet setting conditions. For example, the distance between devices can be calculated through the change of RSSI value.

3. Application scenario: precise positioning broadcast

Commodity promotion at close range, when a certain area close to the application scene is detected, the product promotion is carried out; product tracking: package tracking;

Indoor navigation, due to the large error in GPS indoor scenarios, comparatively speaking, use Beacon for indoor Navigation has better accuracy, and products can be customized for specific application scenarios.

Beacon Alert System

Sound and linkage Alarm

Application Scenario

Atteched to anything which need to be tracked at some space.

Power Supply

Built-in Battery

Product Size


Beacon Tracker

Beacon Tracker

Net weight


Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 3.8 × 2.45 × 0.52 cm


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