Automatic Soap Dispenser


Soap Dispenser N2

1.  Automatic Soap Dispenser.

2. Easy Wall-Mounted Automatic Induction.

3.  Large Capacity for Hotel, Office, School, Kitchen, Big Volume 800 ML.


Automatic Soap Dispenser N2

A. Product Name:

Automatic Soap Dispenser Pro N2

Best Selling Automatic Soap Dispenser New Arrivals

1. Intelligent sensing, sensitive and convenient, infrared precise sensing, can be customized for customers, ODM & OEM.

2. It had been tested for 3 Million times for life tests.

3. Convenient and safe replacement of sanitizer and battery.

4. More detailed functions can be customized for customers.

5. Three or ten cm sensing distance.

6. The sanitizer output can be adjusted according to the demand, once or twice.

7. Start and stop in 0.1 seconds, there is no any more sanitizer dripping after the dripping was finished, and the indicator light flashes after the sanitizer were dripped.

B. Product Model


C. Product Size

260*120*110 mm

Packaging Box Including:

1 x Portable Automatic Soap Dispenser Pro SD-N2

4 x Screws

1 x Key (Open the box and replace parts)

1 x User Manual

Optional :

1 x Double-sided adhesive hook.

1 x Adapter as DC  input: 6 V/ 1 A.

4 x Mercury-free alkaline battery.

D. Product Application

1. Portable personal application.

2. Family.

3. Enterprises and institutions, government, offices.

4. Food and occasions for sterilization.

5. Public area.

6. Etc.

E. Soap Dispenser N2 Special Advantages

  1. It is easily portable for disinfection and sterilization.
  2. Automatic RF sense automatic spraying sanitizer。
  3. The purple light in the jet is produced simultaneously with the sanitizer spraying, which makes people feel obviously dynamic and excellent customer experience。
  4. Advanced spray device, precision accessories, easy to use, simple to protect your body.


F.Soap Dispenser N2 Basic Specification Parameter Description


  1. Input Voltage / Current: 6V / 1 A  or  4 PCS Mercury free alkaline batteries
  2. Output voltage / current: 9 V / 1.1 A
  3. Sensing distance: 8-12 mm
  4. Package size:    270*130*115 MM
  5. Product weight: 0.89 Kg


G.  Soap Dispenser N2 Product Attentions

  1. When turn on the device, do not look directly at the germicidal lamp, otherwise it will cause the eyes not good.
  2. Do not open PCB box and repair or modification equipment by yourself, tear up the warranty label, and it is deemed that the artificial damage is not covered by the warranty.
  3. This equipment is not waterproof, avoid liquid splashing, do not put it in water or other liquid and the environment is corrosive to this equipment.
  4. Do not charge the product near the heat source.
  5. During the warranty period, free maintenance service shall be provided for any fault or damage caused by the quality of the product; if the product is damaged due to accident, voltage instability, and force majeure, it shall not be covered by the warranty.

H. Soap Dispenser N2 Instructions for Adding Sanitizer

  1. Before adding sanitizer, you need to read and study the manual. then you can mount the device easily. As there are screws or adhesive hook, it means there is some way you can mount it anywhere.
  2. You can use the key to open the housing and check it, have a quick studying, for sanitizer box, battery box, and you can add sanitizer according to the manual in detail.
  3. There are two ways to the power supply. One is the adapter to DC 6V/1A. the other is 4 pcs 2# batteries.
  4. Add the sanitizer to the plastic box as you need, Max 1000 mL. Be remember to close the cap of the bottle.
  5. Add the batteries with # 2 battery,  four pcs must be placed in the battery box. Pay attention to the positive and negative pole, it could not be wrong connecting for the pole. Please remember to close the cap of the battery box.
  6. At the same time, you can use an adapter DC to 6 V/ 1 A.
  7. Then you need power on the device if it was connected to power.
  8. The work indicator LED would be green if the operation is correct.
  9.  Adjust the height to floor or table, it is portable to you need.
  10. Enjoy the sanitizer to your idea.
  11. After sanitizing,  please remember power off the device, or you can take away if you need it.
  12. Keep it work in the environment suitable for machine operation。
Automatic Soap Dispenser B

Automatic Soap Dispenser B

I.  Soap Dispenser N2 Instructions for Replacement of Batteries

Use Key to open the housing and push the cap of the battery box, replace the battery is very easy.


J. Soap Dispenser N2 Instructions for  Maintenance 

Use Key to open the housing and check all parts have the matter, mechanical parts and sanitizer box, spray nozzle, battery, etc. It is very easy for maintenance.


K.  Soap Dispenser N2 Product Features

  1. Sterilization effect: 99.99%.
  2. Long and strong durability.
  3. Compact, portable, and space-free.
  4. Updating design, a strong sense of science and technology.
  5. Comprehensive disinfection and sterilization, side cross UV disinfection, and sterilization.
  6. Standard power supply, 2# battery, or DC 6 V /1A.
  7. Large capacity and multi-function, it can sterilize as easy and portable.

You can customize Automatic Soap Dispenser as you have creative or innovative idea, please check one of our websies  as one leading electronic ODM & OEM HIEDESIGN, or contact us now for more detail.


Additional information

Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 12 × 11 × 26 cm


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