1 Charging our air purifier by standard USB cable, then touch

the power switch lightly, the indicator light and the

atmosphere light stays on blue, that’s mean our air purifier

enters the negative ion purification air mode.

2 Touch the switch lightly again to enter to UVC sterilization

mode, then indicator light flashes blue slowly and atmosphere

light stays on purple.

3 Automatically switch to negative ion mode after working on

sterilization mode 15mins, then works on 10 hours continuously,

air purifier will automatically shut down. When air purifier stays

working, hold down the power switch for 3s to power off.

4/Open the purifier in the direction of the arrow in Figure 2 to

remove the old filter and replace it with the standard new filter.

The service life of the filter depends on the actual

use. It is recommended to replace it every 6 months.