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Why Us-Hifcare Manufacturer

Digital Health IoT Health Monitor Manage Diabetes and Chronic Diseases

Exclusive Digital Therapeutics


NHC TVOC PM2.5 PM10 Sensors

Exclusive Algorithms

Blood Pressure Monitor
Blood Glucose Monitor

Accompany Elderly

IoT health detection, alarming, emergency Treatment, so that all families can care for and accompany the elderly at any time.

Cutting-edge Sensors

Algorithm Experts

Exclusive Tech with AI & ML

Using the latest technology for health sensors, data collection is accurate from the source of your body.

Our Algorithm experts with our own core patented technology, is it very close for the collected data to clinical medical data.

8 years of AI development and machine learning with experts, completed 10+ digital health technology projects

It is easy to be custmized digital health product, including ID, MD, HW, SW, but with cheap cost with your LOGO.

Cheap Customization

Let our innovations and creations guide you into digital health solutions, including our experts intelligence, machine learning, and smart devices with edge-cutting IoT health sensors, updated technologies that are enjoyed by the world. Hifcare collaborates with the world’s leading insurers, employers, and hospitals and health systems to deliver industry-leading virtual care. And develop tailored solutions continually modernizing the healthcare experience to help more people access high-quality digital healthcare.

Customization but cheap cost

Insurers Collaboration for Health Solutions

Hosptials and Health Communities

To provide healthcare services and peace of mind, and we help insurance companies provide unparalleled value for professional m-health, e-health, insurance and financial companies plan to cooperate with us as we use exclusive artificial intelligence, innovative algorithms, machine learning.

Hospitals and health systems can work with us together in order to effectively build and administer their entire virtual care strategy at unmatched quality and scale. Our enterprise virtual care platform and devices deliver an intuitive user experience for both patients and physiciansfrom the hospital to the home.

What creative and innovative health monitor do you need from Hifcare?

Are you top digital health companies 2021?

Are you one digital health startup?


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Anatomy of a Fall Detection Bracelet Health Monitor & Algorithm

Falling is an instantaneous action, and the movement, height and speed of the human body will change rapidly. In the process of falling, the human body generally goes from standing to sitting on the floor or lying down on the floor, and the center point of the human body rapidly drops from a higher position to the ground or a height close to the ground.

How to work with IoT health sensors?

IoT health sensor/IoT health detector/IoT health monitor

Non-invasive blood glucose monitor bracelet

AI & Machine Leaning

It is mainly to design and analyze some algorithms that allow computers to “learn” automatically. Machine learning algorithm is a kind of algorithm that automatically analyzes and obtains rules from data, and uses the rules.


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Elderly Caregivers Digital Health

Elderly Caregivers Digital Health

Hifcare Digital Health


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