mmWave Radar Human Trajectory Detector


The radar is a radar module that uses 60G millimeter wave radar technology to realize the functions of moving human body perception, position detection and track tracking. This is based on FMCW radar system to realize wireless perception of personnel status in specific places. 



● Realize the function of position detection and track tracking of moving personnel;

● Limit the detection object to people with biological characteristics (moving or stationary), and eliminate the interference of other inanimate objects in the environment;

● This module can effectively eliminate the interference of non living objects, and can also realize the detection of non living moving objects;

● The product supports secondary development and adapts to a variety of scenarios;

● General UART communication interface, providing general protocol;

● Four groups of I \ O are reserved, which can be input and output according to user-defined or simple interface simulation;

● The output power is small and does no harm to human body;

● The module is not affected by temperature, light, dust and other factors, with high sensitivity and wide application fields.





The beam coverage of radar module is shown in. The radar coverage is a three-dimensional sector area with 100 ° horizontal and 100 ° pitch.

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Due to the influence of radar beam characteristics, the radar operates far in the normal direction of the antenna surface, but the operating distance deviates from the normal direction of the antenna will become shorter.






There commended installation method of this radar module is horizontal installation.


The radar is installed horizontally (as shown in the Figure), and the radar is fixed on the wall or placed on the desktop, and the radar beam irradiates the human body in a positive direction.

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1. MainFunctions

1) Moving target detection;

2) Slight motion target detection;

3) Statistics function for counting people number;


2. Main Parameters for Performance

1) Max Detection Range:  ≤12m;(moving objects, limited to adults)

2) Stationary Detection Range:≤8m;(sitting, radial direction)

3) Ranging Accuracy:≤0.5m;

4) Angle Measurement Accuracy:≤5°;(object ≥2m)

5) Refresh Rate for Motion Detection:≥10Hz;

6) Response Time for Stationary Detection:≤30s;

7) Maximum of Counting Personnel Number:10;

8) Maximum of Tracking of Personnel:3;