mmWave Radar Fall Detector

mmWave Radar Fall Detector General Information

mmWave Radar Fall Detector adopts 60G millimeter wave radar technology to realize the Human Pose Recognition and the fall detection function. This product is based on FMCW radar system to realize wireless perception of personnel status in specific places.  

mmWave Radar Fall Detector Features

● Motion perception and fall detection function;

● Limit the detection object to people with biological characteristics (moving or stationary), and eliminate the interference of other inanimate objects in the environment;

● This product can effectively eliminate the interference of non living objects, and can also realize the detection of non living moving objects;

● General WIFI communication interface, providing general protocol;

● The output power is small and does no harm to human body;

● The product is not affected by temperature, light, dust and other factors, with high sensitivity and wide application fields for fall detection.


mmWave Radar Fall Detector Operation Mode

The beam coverage of radar module is shown in. The radar coverage is a three-dimensional sector area with 100 ° horizontal and 100 ° pitch.

mmWave Radar Fall Detector

mmWave Radar Fall Detector

Due to the influence of radar beam characteristics, the radar operates far in the normal direction of the antenna surface, but the operating distance deviates from the normal direction of the antenna will become shorter.

When the radar is installed on the top or obliquely, the radar action range will be reduced due to the influence of the radar beam range and effective radiation space, which should be paid attention to during use.


mmWave Radar Fall Detector Installation Method

(1) Vertical-mounted

The radar is installed on the  roof and emits beams vertically downward.

The radar installation height is H = 2.4m ~ 3M; The radius of radar beam coverage area is R. within the radar projection area, it is considered to further divide the projection area into fall detection area, presence detection area and motion trigger detection area. The schematic diagram for function area division is shown in the following figure:

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(2)  Oblique-mounted

In some application scenarios, the radar needs to be installed obliquely, such as in the corner of the wall.

For this kind of installation method, consider the home gyroscope sensor on the radar to measure the radar inclination, and then assist the radar in angle correction.

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(3) Horizontal-mounted

In view of the current number of channels of radar chip, the fall detection function in horizontal installation mode is not considered temporarily.


mmWave Radar Fall Detector Main Function


1) Fall detection

a. Detection range:i.≤2 m  //the projection radius of radar top-mounted ii.≤4 m  //the projection radius of radar obliquely-mounted

b. Accuracy: ≥90%


2) Percepetion of human presence

a. Detection range:≤3 m   //projection radius

b. Accuracy:≥90% 


3) Motion detection

a. motion-triggered

b. perception of movement direction and location

Why mmWave Radar Fall Detector?

1. Why do old people fall easily?

a. Aging is a process of gradual degeneration of human body functions. With age, the elderly gradually weaken muscle strength, vision, spatial perception and balance, joint stiffness, and the ability to respond to emergencies also declines.

b. On the other hand, most elderly people are accompanied by a variety of chronic diseases, such as high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high blood fat, arthritis, low back pain, cerebral infarction, cerebral apoplexy, heart disease, etc., and they often suffer from acute onset of these diseases. Accompanied by a body fall.

c. The floors of many elderly people’s bathrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, or other activity areas do not have anti-slip measures, and they are prone to slipping, wrestling, and falling. Falls are more likely than other age groups.

d. Unaccompanied by personnel, it is easy to fall during self-activities. Many people don’t take it seriously when the elderly fall, thinking that it will be fine if they are careful, but it is not the case. Falls in the elderly are often not an accident, but a high-probability event caused by many potential risk factors. There is even a saying that the elderly will fall down sooner or later.

2. Potential danger of falling

a. According to statistics, there are about 25 million accidental falls of the elderly in China every year.

b. The International Geriatrics Report pointed out that the scene with the highest incidence of falls is between 3 and 6 in the morning, and the bedside (falling out of bed) accounts for 54%; followed by bathrooms, toilets, kitchens, and slippery areas account for 28%, while other daily The sum of activities accounted for only 18%. Therefore, bedrooms, toilets, kitchens, and bathrooms are the most dangerous places for the elderly to fall.

3. Why can we do a good job of fall detector?

a. The advantage of millimeter-wave radar is the detection of motion. Therefore, the Doppler effect of the target echo can be used to observe and interpret the motion state of the target, such as the direction and speed of motion;

b. When using a multi-channel sensor, the movement of the target can also be observed from different perspectives. By collecting the motion state of the target from different perspectives, and combining the instantaneous information and historical information for analysis, the complex motion can be distinguished.

c. For example, when the human arm performs different movements, different movements produce different micro-Doppler modes, combined with the energy characteristics of the movement, etc., the discrimination of different movements can be achieved.

d. Excellent algorithm plus mmWave radar technology to detect human motion status and trajectory has been well verified, and it is not in the stage of large-scale application. In the home environment, human body fall detection can be done to prevent the elderly from falling.

e. Millimeter wave sensors are smart solutions for home monitoring systems, which can be used for elderly monitoring and emergency situations. When used in a fall detection system, it enables high-precision monitoring while maintaining personal privacy in all environmental conditions without the need for a wearable device.

4. Use scenarios of fall detection

a. In a relatively private bedroom
b. bathroom
c. Toilet
d. It is not suitable for occasions where cameras are installed for monitoring, etc.

5. Output signal of mmWave Radar Fall Detector

b. People are active
c. People stand still
d. no one
e. Fall signal Wait for 5 signals.

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