Elderly Caregivers would be the hot topic all over the world now. As we know Alzheimer’s disease affects 5.5 million Americans, 5.3 million of whom are 65 or older. And as baby boomers get older, that number is growing. In fact, there is not only one disease for elderly all over the world now.

What’s the elderly caregivers?

There are some diseases here, including many chronic diseases, all of these diseases are related to basic chronic diseases, such as blood pressure, blood sugar, blood lipids, these basic chronic diseases are more likely to be complicated to many other diseases if they could not take preventive actions and treated in time. these diseases, which is what we need to advocate globally to use digital health platforms to detect, warn, determine, and treat these diseases, we can use elderly caregivers which as portable digital health devices.

Hence, the elderly caregivers-smart digital health devices had seen a lot of demand and products over the past few years. These products have the ability to solve many elderly care problems and can reduce a lot of burden for young caregivers. For the caregivers of those patients, the biggest challenge is preventing them from escaping and getting lost.

What do the elderly caregivers can do?

Elderly Caregivers
Attractived Elderly Caregivers as Free but best Digital Health Coach 3

Elderly Caregivers use IoT sensors, gateway, bluetooth beacon technology to help track the location of users at home. If a patient is found to be away from the monitoring area, the elderly cregivers can automatically notify people so that they can find the patient risk immediately.

What technologies are used for Elderly Caregivers product?

From the product functions we can make the following inferences: Quality design and manufacturing control: The product should be designed to be comfortable so that the user feels as little of it as possible.

Comfortable housing & wearables of elderly cargivers

The most important items is comfortable housing and wearables, or not, noboday would like to use it everyday. We use the comfortable material for housing and band, not only for the materials, including the mechnical parameters.

Patients are prone to accidents, so the product should be as durable and waterproof as possible; low-power, long-life battery: Ensure that devices are as simple as possible to firmware updating; Bluetooth module: ZigBee module, WiFi module, IoT module, telecom module, combined with our unique positioning technology, make it easy to track users within the home area;

Elderly Caregivers-Monitoring for falls or related accidents.

Our team will be able to promote the product to the market as soon as possible. Throughout the development process, we emphasized “user experience”: “The whole focus of our product is on ‘simplicity,’ because in reality, elderly don’t keep staring at the devices trying to figure out how to use it. The complex devices would not be liked by any elderly.

Our products adopts the world’s leading digital health platform for indoor positioning, the first Bluetooth gateway, self-developed indoor positioning engine, map engine, providing tools and platforms for elderly to achieve indoor positioning of mobile phones and wearable elderly caregivers.

The precise location awareness service is widely used in major commercial complexes, nursing homes, living communities, families, hospitals and other scenarios, providing location-based elderly safety care, material management, and data statistical analysis.

We can provide the following services: Positioning and navigation: accurate positioning and navigation based on iBeacon, with an accuracy of up to 2 meters; the map system, which is perfectly applied to the APP and social account client, allowing users to see at a glance;

Elderly Caregivers Based on Vital Sign Sensor

Through PPG, EEG, ECG, EMG and other sensors, the vital signs can be detected accurately. These high-precision sensors had been confirmed and verified by our projects some years. The result of our long-term research and development, then for verification. With the sensors have been approved by the customers, with these rich experiences, then we can get many more customers for project cooperation.

Elderly Caregivers Based on AI Cloud Platform

Every customers had used the AI analysis: big data analysis platform, in order to verify the vital signs are perfect or not. We know there are so many companies have started to establish the AI platform with snart devices now. We would not miss any potential customers who need our devices now. Bluetooth devices, IoT gateway, dongle, smart sensors, smart application (APP): perfectly applied platform, It can also play interactive gameplay based on positioning and navigation.

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How to have a elderly caregivers as your brand 2022?

So far, we have dozens of engineers and technical teams and manufacturing sites with hundreds of employees. We can provide the following services: One-stop total solution: Provide customers with a complete smart wearable solution from idea, concept, design, R&D, to manufacturing. Self-owned modern manufacturing base, which can realize seamless connection and perfect process quality control from R&D to trial production, NPI, pilot, and mass production; including ID, MD, HW, software and cloud services: can provide various types of smart wearable device terminals, Android+iOS APP, and cloud deployment , development and related cloud services.

Elderly Caregivers would be liked all over the world 2022

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