Status of Digital Elderly Care

The multi-level elderly care service system proposed at present, which is home-based, community-based, and institution-supplemented, has been formed in many countries, and local governments at all levels have responded to each country’s own policies and vigorously promoted multi-level smart elderly care.

Elderly Care
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At present, the experimental bases for intelligent elderly care in many countries are roughly divided into intelligent health care and elderly care parks, intelligent elderly livable communities (community elderly care), and intelligent elderly service institutions (institutional elderly care).

Recognition of Smart Elderly Care

Elderly people with higher awareness of community-based smart old-age care are more likely to use smart old-age care. Age, education level, marital status, living status, occupation before retirement and physical status were all significant factors affecting cognition.

The younger the age, the higher the awareness of community-based smart old-age care; the higher the education level, the higher the awareness; the unmarried and married elderly generally have higher awareness than the divorced and separated elderly; living with their loved ones’ children of the elderly are more widely recognized than those who live alone or with relatives and friends; the more stable the occupation and the better the salary before retirement, the higher the recognition; the better the physical condition, the higher the recognition.

Application of smart elderly care products

The smart elderly care products that the elderly are willing to buy mainly focus on information equipment and communication equipment, such as wristbands, blood pressure monitors, smart blood glucose meters, body fat scales, oximeters, etc. In terms of frequency of application, among the various services of community-based smart elderly care, spiritual comfort services and consulting services are most frequently used. From the perspective of satisfaction, the highest satisfaction is the healthy life consulting service, the collection of human biological information data, and the companionship of life care.

The convenience of the Internet of Things

With the Internet of Things, it is very convenient for the elderly to try the new aged care equipment. Plus discounts and subsidies, professional help with operations, free premises and trial equipment, dedicated practice classes. The elderly generally hope that the community can enjoy convenient and fast digital smart elderly care services for the elderly.

Community Guidance for Smart Elderly Care

The meticulous work of the community neighborhood committee has won great trust from the elderly. According to the survey, the people who tend to seek help when they encounter difficulties in use. Neighborhood committees are second only to children when the elderly in the community encounter difficulties in using the Internet, surpassing the ranking of lovers, friends and neighbors.

Digital Eldely Care Solutions

Remote care for the elderly

The Internet of Things “Smart Elderly Care” project is to use Internet of Things technology to collect data through various sensors and inform the family through the App, so that the daily life of the elderly is in a state of remote protection.

Fall alarm sensor

For example, if the elderly fall at home, the fall alarm sensor can immediately notify the medical staff and relatives of the elderly agreed in the previous agreement; it can effectively prevent the occurrence of untimely first aid for the elderly.

Water immersion sensor, smoke, gas sensor, sound and light alarm sensor

Smoke in the early stages of a fire can be quickly detected, and if something is being cooked left unattended for a long time, flood sensors, smoke and gas sensors installed in the kitchen will sound an alarm to alert the forgetful elderly. Or if the old man has gone out, it doesn’t matter. If there is no response to the alarm for a period of time, the linked gas valve will be automatically closed, or an acousto-optic sensor will be installed to generate a certain sound or light, so that people nearby can call the police in time. rescue.

PIR infrared human motion sensor

In addition to these emergencies, the care of the “smart elderly care” of the Internet of Things is also reflected in the details. For example, in the residence of the elderly, there is an infrared human body sensor, which has not been turned on according to the set time, then the system will remind by phone or text message, and the APP will check to see if the elderly is out or if there are other accidents.

Monitoring of health indicators, invisible companion

Smart old-age care can not only accompany the safety of the elderly at all times, but also monitor the health of the elderly in an all-round way. Such as monitoring of body temperature, blood pressure, blood sugar, heart rate, blood lipids, sleep, atrial fibrillation and other signs, and at the same time, they can also know their range of activities and play the role of an invisible partner.

Personal privacy

The intelligent monitoring behavior will not use cameras, and there will be no picture and video monitoring. There is a safe and confidential personal space for all users (the elderly, or those who need to be taken care of), and there is no need to worry about the leakage of personal privacy in the cloud.

Status Solutions
Elderly Care

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