EHR-Electronic Health Records

EHR-Electronic Health Records

In the past 20 years, many countries have used the health information system (health information system, his) to establish the medical system.

Electronic health records (ehr) is a part of his. Depending on this, health diagnosis and treatment can be completed efficiently and quickly, such as physical examination and laboratory examination.

More and more phenomena show that more and more countries and regions are willing to establish research institutions with financial support, and implement and popularize EHR as the focus of research.

Functions of EHR electronic health records

The electronic medical record system is an advanced system, which transmits, stores and manages the medical records of patients through the support of information technology.

In the future, ehr is considered to be a good substitute for paper medical records in hospitals.

Therefore, how to define ehr? For electronic medical records in digital form, ehr can store data, exchange data securely and operate for authorized users.

In addition, “completely accurate data”, “alarm”, “display” and “diagnostic decision support” are the features that ehr should have.

Therefore, compared with paper medical records, electronic health records can better reflect accuracy, efficiency and versatility.

However, while people are attracted by the convenience brought by EHR, some potential problems are unavoidable, that is, information security threatens patients’ electronic medical records.

Even 10 years ago, relevant data showed that information security was the primary goal of the health system.

No matter since the establishment and implementation of the health system, information security is still an important issue.

Security of EHR electronic health records

a. Privacy of electronic health records

The privacy of health information may be the first factor that threatens the information security of electronic medical records.

Since the emergence of data collection and storage, in the process of transmitting, storing and managing data, the processed data will be tampered with or even destroyed, so information privacy has become more and more important.

This is because when electronic medical records are sent to patients or other departments, they may be lost, stolen, exposed and tampered with, so that some hackers or illegal users will use some illegal means to obtain these patients’ information.

In addition, hospital staff and diagnosticians lack a sense of responsibility and awareness of privacy protection. Some of them, due to intentional or careless actions, did not fulfill their due protection responsibilities for their user names and passwords.

b. Electronic health records Legislative Prevention

For EHR information security, legislation may be a second factor in protecting patient data.

In health organizations, weak laws and standards create problems and potential threats.

This is because it is legally impossible to provide legal assistance to electronic medical records.

Since the systems of most hospitals store the printed EHRs and sign them, these signed EHRs will have legal effect when a medical dispute arises.

Especially when there is a lack of legal knowledge and legal protection, when patients’ awareness of self-protection increases, disputes about information integration and security between hospitals and patients will become difficult to handle.

Therefore, compared with the protection of patients’ rights, the absence of laws will limit and destroy information security.

c. Electronic health records technical support

In the electronic medical record system, technical support is regarded as a difficult problem.

The ehr system includes information collection, storage, management, transmission and service, but it is very difficult to fully realize those functions in terms of technology.

Technical support may be able to meet the complex medical needs of patients, but this must require the technical support of EHR to receive the necessary attention.

Because the patient’s medical records come from different systems.

In addition, ehr has different formats, such as text, picture, data table, and audio-visual.

For ehr, it not only has a variety of forms, but also has more storage space to meet the growing demand.

For the source of ehr, different parts will adopt their own standards, so it is not easy to integrate ehr software well.

How to obtain more storage space from technical support is an important link in the direction of technical research.

Electronic health records solutions

Considering the factors that may affect the information security in electronic medical records, relevant program measures can be implemented in the following aspects.

a. IoT Support of electronic health records

Regardless of whether the ehr system is successfully implemented, IoT support is an integral part.

With the advent of the IoT, more and more methods are being used to assist and secure the pro

cessing of information.

In particular, the patient’s medical records are closely related to the patient’s privacy and should be effectively and properly protected.

According to research data, database security control, operating system security control, and control protection related to these two security controls are methods that can effectively protect important information.

At the same time, data research also shows that even in the past, IoT was an effective and powerful method to assist management.

In addition, the establishment of a markup language (based on xml) can be used to provide ehr services for hospitals. When performing further operations, this form needs to mark and verify signatures, which improves information security on the one hand. level, thus improving information security in electronic medical records.

b. Enactment of laws on electronic health records

Strengthening the legal force can stop people from breaching information security in the health system.

This is because the effect of the law is mandatory for everyone, and people must accept and obey the law.

At the same time, legal support will provide supervision and, if necessary, standards for punishment.

What is the important effect of enacting laws, and how do laws and regulations prevent destruction and provide protection? Because the enactment of laws makes people fear punishment.

Canada promulgated laws to protect personal information security as early as 2008, which can reflect that the importance of legal protection of information security has been paid attention to by the government, so the promulgation of laws will help improve ehr information security.

Therefore, if there is fear in people’s hearts, they will be able to control people’s consciousness and actions, which will also effectively prevent sabotage from happening, thereby protecting information more securely.

c. Education of people by electronic health records

If technical support and the promulgation of laws are regarded as external measures, then education is an internal control program.

Education can correct people’s moral standards in the right way, so that the awareness of mistakes can be understood and accepted by people.

Studies have shown that when teenagers face problems, education is a very important method, helping them return to normal life by re-establishing social moral standards.

Similarly, with regard to the protection of information, education is used to increase the awareness of staff physicians.

Conclusion of EHR electronic health records

EHR has the characteristics of storing, managing, transmitting and delivering patient medical records, and can bring superior services to individuals and organizations. Therefore, technology, law and education are considered as possible program measures to reduce the risks brought by EHR.

For example, providing more storage space to store patients’ medical records; educating employees to root out social vices and deter wrongdoing through legal force.

However, most measures can only reduce the risk to an acceptable level, rather than eradicate it completely.

By analyzing the weak links and measures of ehr information security, it is believed that ehr will play an irreplaceable role in future medical services.

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