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Hifcare digital health solution includes, but is not limited to, the following: indoor air pollutants, building materials, purification systems, water quality, noise, light, vision, temperature, humidity, indoor and outdoor spaces, elderly and disabled, people in need of extra care related health facilities and devices, food, pests, fitness, mental health, etc., in order to enhance the high-level content of our blog, welcome people from all over the world to participate in the operation of the blog. Provide a healthier, more comfortable and safer living environment.

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Digital Health Solution for Family

Healthy families include digital health family services, family doctor management, and remote monitoring of personal health status. Through the digital management of personal physiological health indicators, a digital twin model of the individual human body is constructed to realize digital health information management.

Elderly Digital Health Solution

How to realize an effective health care system and mechanism is a very important issue that the government is concerned about. In addition to monitoring the health indicators of the elderly, healthy elderly care also includes the elderly care management and response of the elderly living alone in the community, and the construction of the elderly care management system in nursing homes.

Real-time monitoring, response and management of the health status of the elderly through digital health, so that the life of the elderly living alone in the community can not violate the privacy, but can ensure their home safety, and improve the health care is our core topic. At present, our company has seized this social trend, explored the content of products and services, and actively cooperated with the government.

Practical applications of digital health soluition

Digital health services and healthcare industry. Digital health services are not just medical services, but also include health management and promotion, health insurance, and related services.

The scale of the health service industry in developed countries can reach 10% to 17% of their GDP, while my country’s health service industry is still dominated by medical and health services, with front-end industries (disease prevention and health maintenance) and back-end industries (health care services). Promotion and promotion) are small in scale, less in content, lagging behind in development, and small in total.

The current state of digital health solution

Most of the current industry focuses on elderly health services, and there is a lack of health services for chronic diseases and sub-healthy people; and the demand for health services is shifting from an offline model to a new model that is mainly online and supplemented by offline. Shift to long-term, continuous monitoring and intervention.

Although digital health originated in the field of intelligent manufacturing, with the development of artificial intelligence and IoT device technology, it has also extended to the field of community management. Through visual sensors, artificial intelligence chips, algorithms and digital health modeling technology, the monitoring and early warning of family members (especially the elderly) daily behavior, posture, and health risks are realized.

Digital health realizes the following points: Real-time monitoring and management of health data: Recover relevant posture, behavior and physiological indicators and other data through IoT, face community management, provide data monitoring software for family members Determine the risk status of family members: Based on real-time posture, physiological indicators and other data, through artificial intelligence algorithms to predict and evaluate the health/safety risks of family members in the digital health and medical health industry.

In the medical and health industry, whether it is drug research and development, or formulating treatment or surgical plans for patients, multiple layers of verification and testing are also required. These testing and verification processes are often time-consuming and costly.

Using digital health technology, we can rely on digital medical records, disease registration databases, wearable sensors, etc. to obtain data information, and then build virtual patients, virtual anatomical environments and hospital environments. We can build a virtual model based on real data, and then obtain The model’s feedback on drugs and treatment regimens.

Hifcare Digital Health Solution Blog
Hifcare Digital Health Blog

…or something like this:

Executive Task Hierarchy for Digital Health Solution

Home Health Detection System Layering for Digital Health

  1. Driver layer: including sensors distributed in homes and communities, using artificial intelligence devices and smart health portable monitoring devices, such as blood pressure monitors, blood glucose meters, oximeters, heart rate, and other smart health devices and wearable devices used at home Wait. Using non-contact sensors, data is processed at these terminals, encrypted, uploaded and stored, so as to not only collect safe and healthy data of family members, but also protect the privacy and security of family members.
  2. Platform layer: It mainly realizes the work of registering, processing, fusing, correlating and sorting out the data purchased by the sensor. According to the user’s activity area, age area, gender area, map and locate the collected data, and use software modeling to build a digital health model of character status and real scenes. And most data collection tasks are defined.
  3. Algorithm layer: For the collected data, including all the health data mentioned above, make data identification, behavior analysis, environmental analysis, human body posture, human health biological data, etc., to predict and determine the health and safety risks of family members. Build models (regression, classification, statistical analysis, etc.). It can basically reach the real data close to the actual.
  4. Application layer: mainly software services provided to users. It includes virtual reproduction of the activity status of family members, real-time alarm of risk status, and communication with family members, elderly caregivers, and community volunteers for families, the elderly, or those who need to be accompanied.

Of course, family members can also view their own health and safety reports, in which Digital Health builds two digital models: a scene digital model and a character digital model.

Scene digital model: According to the actual size data collected from the scene, according to the modeling software, a set of digital environment model is constructed. By combining the existing digital components, it includes reusable figures such as walls, roads, furniture, doors, windows, street lamps, etc. The digital components that form a complete visual immersive environment will have health warning and recognition capabilities.

Digital Health Solution Character Model

It is divided into character joint model and character identity model. The character joint model is based on the 18 key points of the human body identified by the deep learning algorithm, and the 3D modeling software is used to shape the virtual character joint model according to the 18 key points. The precise mapping of key nodes and virtual character nodes.

The character identity model is judged by the clothes of the character, and the identity of the character is identified by the characteristics of the clothes.

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