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Hypertension is a disease with high morbidity, high complication and high disability rate, which seriously threatens people’s health and quality of life. Good control of high blood pressure is of great significance to reduce and avoid damage to the vital organs of patients. However, many patients still have incorrect understanding and practice of treatment, which affects the therapeutic effect. The temperature was cold, and the swish cool breeze was exceptionally cold in the early days. With the change of temperature, hypertensive patients are prone to dizziness, headache, numbness of feet and legs, etc.;

Blood Pressure Monitor
Blood pressure monitor 2

Therefore, hypertensive patients should pay special attention. What are the reasonable diets for hypertension

  1. The importance of diet for high blood pressure: People take food as their priority. A reasonable diet can make you neither fat nor thin, nor high nor low in cholesterol.
  2. Diet taboos for hypertensive patients:
    (1) Carbohydrate food: suitable food—rice, porridge, noodles, noodles, arrowroot, soup, taro, soft beans. Foods that should be avoided—sweet potatoes (food that produces abdominal gas), dried beans, and biscuits with strong flavor.
    (2) Foods suitable for protein food—beef, lean pork, white meat fish, eggs, milk, dairy products (fresh cream, yeast milk, ice cream, cheese), soybean products (tofu, natto, soybean powder, oil) Tofu). Foods that should be avoided — fatty foods (beef, pork belly, pork ribs, herring, tuna, etc.), processed products (such as sausages).
    (3) Foods suitable for fatty foods—vegetable oil, a small amount of cream, salad dressing. Foods that should be avoided—animal oil, raw lard, bacon, oil-soaked sardines.
    (4) Foods suitable for vitamin and mineral foods—vegetables (spinach, cabbage, carrot, tomato, lily root, pumpkin, eggplant, cucumber), fruit (apple, orange, pear, grape, watermelon), seaweed Classes, fungi should be cooked before eating. Foods that should be avoided—fibrous vegetables (burdock, bamboo shoots, beans), irritating vegetables (spicy vegetables, coriander, mustard greens, green onions, mustard greens).
    (5) Other foods suitable for food—light fragrance tea, yeast milk beverage. Foods that should be avoided — spices (chili, curry), alcoholic beverages, salt-soaked food (grown vegetables, adult roe), pickles, coffee.
  3. Eating habits that patients with hypertension should pay attention to

(1) First of all, we must control the intake of energy, advocate eating complex carbohydrates (such as starch, corn), and eat less glucose, fructose and sucrose. These sugars are monosaccharides and can easily cause blood lipids to rise.

(2) Limit fat intake. When cooking, choose vegetable oil and eat more sea fish. Sea fish contains unsaturated fatty acids, which can oxidize cholesterol, thereby lowering plasma cholesterol, prolonging platelet aggregation, inhibiting thrombosis, and preventing stroke. It also contains more linoleic acid. It has a certain effect on increasing the elasticity of microvessels, preventing the rupture of blood vessels and preventing the complications of hypertension.

(3) Moderate intake of protein. The daily protein intake of hypertensive patients is 1g per kilogram of body weight. Eating fish protein 2-3 times a week can improve blood vessel elasticity and permeability, increase urinary sodium excretion, thereby lowering blood pressure. Such as hypertension with renal insufficiency, protein intake should be restricted.

(4) Eat foods rich in potassium, calcium and low in sodium (such as potatoes, eggplant, kelp, lettuce) and foods high in calcium (milk, kefir, dried shrimps). Eat less broth, because the increase in nitrogen-containing extracts in broth can promote the increase of uric acid in the body and increase the burden on the heart, liver and kidneys.

(5) Limit the intake of salt: It should be gradually reduced to less than 6g per day, that is, after removing the rubber pad from the ordinary beer cover, the salt for a flat cover is about 6g. This amount refers to the amount of salt, including cooking salt and other foods that contain sodium converted to the total amount of table salt. Properly reducing sodium intake can help lower blood pressure and reduce sodium and water retention in the body.

(6) More fresh vegetables and fruits. Eat no less than 8 taels of fresh vegetables and 2 to 4 taels of fruits every day.

(7) Appropriately increase the intake of seafood (such as kelp, seaweed, seafood, etc.).

Moderate Exercise for Blood Pressure Monitor

The importance of exercise for high blood pressure: There is a saying: “When you are young, you can exchange your health for money, and when you are old, you can exchange for health with exercise.” In addition to promoting blood circulation and reducing cholesterol production, exercise can strengthen muscles and bones. Occurs with joint stiffness. Exercise can increase appetite, promote gastrointestinal motility, prevent constipation, and improve sleep. Have the habit of continuous exercise: It is best to do aerobic exercise to help.

Aerobic Exercise for Blood Pressure Monitor

As with weight loss, blood pressure can be lowered, such as walking, jogging, tai chi, cycling and swimming are all aerobic exercises. 1. Precautions for exercise:

(1) Do not overdo it or be too strong and tired, and take a step-by-step approach to increase the amount of activity. (2) Pay attention to the surrounding environment and climate: summer: avoid the time when the sun is shining at noon; winter: pay attention to keep warm and prevent stroke.
(3) Wear comfortable and sweat-absorbing clothes: it is necessary to choose cotton clothes, sports shoes, etc.
(4) Choose a safe place: such as parks, schools, not in roadways or on the side of the road.
(5) When exercising, do not fast on an empty stomach to avoid hypoglycemia, it should be 2 hours after meals.

  1. The taboo of exercise
    (1) Stop exercising when you are sick or unwell.
    (2) Do not exercise when you are hungry or one hour after meals.
    (3) Do not stop immediately during the exercise, and follow the steps of the exercise program.
    (4) If there is any discomfort during exercise, stop immediately.

Quit smoking and limit alcohol for blood pressure monitor

Smoking can cause high blood pressure. Studies have shown that after smoking a cigarette, the heart rate increases by 5-20 beats per minute, and the systolic blood pressure increases by 10-25mmhg. Why is this? Because tobacco leaves contain nicotine (nicotine), it will excite the central and sympathetic nerves, increase the heart rate, and at the same time prompt the adrenal glands to release a large amount of catecholamines, which constrict the arterioles and increase blood pressure. Nicotine also stimulates chemoreceptors in the blood vessels, causing a reflex increase in blood pressure.

Long-term heavy smoking can also promote atherosclerosis of large arteries, which gradually thickens the intima of small arteries and gradually hardens the entire blood vessel. At the same time, due to the increase of carbon monoxide hemoglobin in the blood of smokers, the oxygen content of the blood is reduced, the arterial intima is hypoxic, and the oxygen content of the fat in the arterial wall increases, which accelerates the formation of atherosclerosis.

Therefore, smoking cessation in people without hypertension can prevent the occurrence of hypertension, and people with hypertension should quit smoking. The health benefits and harms of drinking alcohol compared to smoking are controversial. There are various reports from time to time, some say that drinking a small amount of alcohol is beneficial, and some say that it is harmful, but one thing is certain, heavy drinking is definitely harmful, and high concentrations of alcohol can cause arteriosclerosis and aggravate high blood pressure.

psychological balance

The psychological manifestations of hypertensive patients are nervousness, irritability, and emotional instability, which are all incentives to increase blood pressure. By changing their behavior, patients can cultivate good adaptability to the natural environment and society, avoid emotional agitation, excessive tension and anxiety, and be calm and composed when encountering problems; , relatives to listen to or encourage to participate in relaxed and pleasant leisure activities, pour the spirit into music or love flowers, so that their life is in the best state, so as to maintain a stable blood pressure.

Self-management Blood Pressure Monitor

  1. Regularly measure blood pressure, at least once every 1-2 weeks.
  2. The “three hearts” should be adhered to in the treatment of hypertension, namely confidence, determination and perseverance. Only in this way can we prevent or delay the damage to important organs of the body.
  3. Take antihypertensive drugs regularly, and do not reduce or stop the drug at will, but can be adjusted under the guidance of a doctor and the current condition to prevent blood pressure from rebounding.
  4. If conditions permit, you can bring your own blood pressure monitor and learn to measure blood pressure yourself.
  5. In addition to taking appropriate drugs, we should also pay attention to the combination of work and rest, pay attention to diet, exercise properly, maintain emotional stability, and get enough sleep.
  6. The blood pressure of the elderly should not be taken too hastily, and the blood pressure should be controlled at 140-159mmhg to reduce the occurrence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular complications.

Seek medical attention on time for blood pressure monitor

After taking the medicine on time, if the blood pressure is increased or too low, the blood pressure fluctuates greatly, dizziness, dizziness, nausea and vomiting, blurred vision, hemiplegia, aphasia, disturbance of consciousness, difficulty in breathing, and physical weakness, etc., go to the hospital for medical treatment. If you are in critical condition, call the 120 emergency center

Medication on time for blood pressure monitor

If the blood pressure is not well controlled and the blood pressure is unstable, you should go to the hospital to adjust the medication in time.

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