HifCare has 6 digital healthcare experts & RD teams. Our common value is to realize the socialization of digital healthcare, so that more people can be healthy without venous blood drawing, blood glucose meter implantation, or even minor traumatic surgery. Easily understand the health status of the body at home, nursing homes, home healthcare, community healthcare, etc.

Make everyone who is concerned about digital healthcare which has a series of digital health collection equipments. Let convenient digital medical care enter every corner of the world. The most important thing is to let some elderly people, or people who are not too young, or people who are not physically convenient, monitor vital signs or any changing of air quality in living places in their own homes, nursing homes, communities, etc., such as fall monitoring, gait, posture, gesture, sleep, respiration, heart rate, TVOC, CO, CO2, AOI, C6H6, HCHO, etc.

Let there be corresponding improvement and preventive measures after the monitoring is abnormal, early attention, early alarm, early treatment, timely warning of abnormal data, improvement of diet, prevention of diabetes, and prevention of premature formation of many chronic diseases. Let more people in the world who need portable digital health services get excellent care at ordinary costs.

About Us–This is our story

Why did we establish Hifcare?

Hifcare got VC now, we started working with our 6 experts, including R&D team, ID, MD, HW, firmware, algorithm, cloud platform, artificial intelligence, machine learning, our experts have worked over 17 years for IoT health sensors, health detectors, health moniors, health alarm, sleeping improvement system for EEG, PPG, remote monitoring digital health, for ECG, EMG, etc.

  • 17+ Years Experience of Exclusive Algorithm and Digital Health TechnologiesmmWave RadarECG PPG EEG EMGNHC TVOC PM2.5 PM10

    CO CO2 HCHO C6H6

    Air Quality Index

    Quickturn & Mix-Production

    ODM & OEM Manufacturer

RD & Exclusive Algorithm

We have recently successfully developed a high-precision non-invasive blood glucose monitoring watch, which has attracted a lot of attention from venture capital. We hope that we can get with more VC, then can quickly expand the mass-produce the market.

Provide customers with high-performance products and services


Use exclusive algorithms and innovative sensors to make unparalleled sensing and monitoring digital medical products


Continue to challenge new demands on digital health


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Operations Center

HIFCARE Operations Center

Shenzhen, China

Where is Hifcare?

How to visit Hifcare?

1. Hong Kong International Airport.
2. Taxi or bus, or subway transfer.
3. Shenzhen Bay Port/Huanggang Port/Futian Port.

4. Hifcare pick-up service.

Direction to Hifcare

Our purpose is to realize the value of socialization, so that many people can be at home without the need for venous blood draws or implantable true non-invasive blood glucose testing. It is solved that diabetes can be prevented from an early stage at home, and from early abnormal data, an alarm can be issued to improve the diet and prevent the premature formation of diabetes.

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We are driven by values-About Us

Super Efficient

Our efficiency is due to the fact that we have all worked together for 10 years, and each talent is an expert in the field. We have experienced more than 10 medical projects and formed an efficient cooperative team.Efficiency is built on the basis of talented experts. At the same time, he has practiced many medical projects, so that many constantly updated technologies can be efficiently applied.

Deeply Commited

In order to realize the value of the company, a lot of time and money have been invested. Based on not only updated technology, algorithms, artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud-based remote big data comparison, collection, analysis, processing, and application, so that people who need healthy companions can easily realize early detection, early correction, and early treatment. Play early warning, alarm products and services value.

Highly Skilled

Since Hifcare found, it has been attracting talents with high salaries. Together with the co-founders, we have explored the clinical application of new sensing technologies, including many PPG sensors, EEG, ECG, EMG, and BP sensors, incorporating many innovative algorithms. Data experience, everyone can independently complete the work in their respective fields, and put teamwork first, which is the basis for doing a good job in each project.

What kind of employees do we need?


Kindness is to have a benevolent heart and know how to respect life. It is reassuring to get along with such people, and will not do harm to the world.

Integrity is the foundation of being a person. A person who does not keep his word will make people unable to work with him and lose the trust of others.



The greater the measure, the greater the blessing, because everyone likes to associate with him, and will not chatter about the little things.

A filial person at least makes people feel that he is a person who knows how to be grateful. If he is grateful, he will not be ungrateful, and it is worth interacting with.



Modesty is a kind of studious, but also a kind of introverted, not conceited, such people are easy to progress and become stronger and stronger.

The value of an honest person lies in being down-to-earth, not bragging or cheating, doing things reassuringly, and worth relying on



Don’t give up easily. If you have patience, you will be more successful in doing things. In fact, you are afraid of specialization in many things.

Righteous people are bloody, upright in three perspectives, and have a clear distinction between right and wrong. Such a person can easily become a kind of high-ranking person.



Optimism is a positive attitude and an enterprising attitude. It has a good appeal to the people around you. There are many disappointments in life. Everyone needs to learn to be optimistic.

Some of our Management Teams

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