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HifCare Focus on Digital Health+AI

Why we do?

HifCare has 6 digital healthcare experts & RD teams. Our common value is to realize the socialization of digital healthcare, so that more people can be healthy without venous blood drawing, blood glucose meter implantation, or even minor traumatic surgery. Easily understand the health status of the body at home, nursing homes, home healthcare, community healthcare, etc.

What we do?

Make everyone who is concerned about digital healthcare which has a series of digital health collection equipments. Let convenient digital medical care enter every corner of the world. The most important thing is to let some elderly people, or people who are not too young, or people who are not physically convenient, monitor vital signs or any changing of air quality in living places in their own homes, nursing homes, communities, etc., such as fall monitoring, gait, posture, gesture, sleep, respiration, heart rate, TVOC, CO, CO2, AOI, C6H6, HCHO, etc.

Why HifCare?

Let there be corresponding improvement and preventive measures after the monitoring is abnormal, early attention, early alarm, early treatment, timely warning of abnormal data, improvement of diet, prevention of diabetes, and prevention of premature formation of many chronic diseases. Let more people in the world who need portable digital health services get excellent care at ordinary costs.

What are Hifcare Digital Health Devices?

Free AI Health Caregiver

AI Health Coach

Digital Elderly Caregiver

AI Home Caregiver

AI Elderly Companion

How do Hifcare Devices work?

Remote Health Monitoring

Vital Monitoring

IoT Healthcare Assisted Living

AI Elderly Care Revolutionizing

Elderly Healthcare

Why Do We Need IoT Healthcare Devices?

Our digital health devices, for example, mmWave Radar Monitor to prevent the safety of elderly caused by photographable falls:

  • Fracture
  • Cerebral Hemorrhage
  • Disabled
  • Cause a series of bedridden complications
  • Affect physical and mental health
  • More than 300,000 people worldwide die from falls every year

mmWave Radar Monitoring for Vital Signs

mmWave Radar Monitoring
mmWave Radar Monitoring

Smartwatch Monitoring for Vital Signs/ECG

ECG Smart Watch

What can  the 60Ghz mmWave Radar do for home care?

  • No hindrance and no contact monitoring
  • Natural privacy protection
  • mm Locating
  • Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) Radar
  • Exclusive algorithm
  • Accurate monitoring
  • Verified & Certified
  • 365*24H
  • Bathroom
  • Bedroom
  • Elderly housing
  • Bathroom
  • Ward
  • Nursing home
  • Rehabilitation institution
  • Home care
  • Medical institutions
  • Chronic diseases strongly correlated with sleep health
  • Bed-leaving alarm
  • Fall alarm
  • Shortness of breath or bradycardia alarm
  • Apnea alarm
  • Prediction of potential risks
  • Sleep quality analysis
  • Fall Risk Prediction

Why We Need to Care for Elderly?

  • There is a “family matter” that is increasingly becoming a “state matter”—as the population ages, the issue of old-age care has been put on the table. This issue is not only related to people’s livelihood and well-being, but also related to economic and social development, so it is very important
  • As the first generation of only-child parents gradually enter old age, according to relevant statistics, by 2030, the number of empty nesters in just one country will exceed 200 million! What concept is this? That is to say, among all the elderly people now, 90% will be empty nesters in the future.

What creative and innovative health monitor do you need from Hifcare?

  • Are you one of digital health companies in 2024?
  • Are you going to be one of digital health startups now ?
  • Do you want to use IoT health Devices at your home easily?
  • Easy to get in touch with us now if you want to lanuch the digital health business now.
  • Email: info(at)
  • Call us:+8613691944139
  • WhatsApp:+8615012687185
  • Skype: pcbhigh
HIFCARE IoT Health Monitor Manufacturer

How to manage Home Healthcare

Digital Health IoT Health Monitor Manage Diabetes and Chronic Diseases

Exclusive Digital Therapeutics

Exclusive Algorithms

Blood Pressure Monitor
Blood Glucose Monitor

Accompany Elderly

IoT health detection, alarming, emergency Treatment, so that all families can care for and accompany the elderly at any time.

Cutting-edge Sensors

Algorithm Experts

Exclusive Tech with AI & ML

The updated sensors for IoT health detector, 10+ years rich experience, data collection is accurate from body.

Our Algorithm experts with over 10+ years rich experience, is it very close for the collected data to clinical medical data.

8 years of AI development and machine learning with experts, completed 10+ digital health technology projects

It is easy and reliable to be custmized for digital health product, including ID, MD, HW, SW, but with resonable cost with your LOGO.

Reliable Customization

Let our innovations and creations guide you into digital health solutions, including our experts intelligence, machine learning, and smart devices with edge-cutting IoT health sensors, updated technologies that are enjoyed by the world. Hifcare collaborates with the world’s leading insurers, employers, and hospitals and health systems to deliver industry-leading virtual care. And develop tailored solutions continually modernizing the healthcare experience to help more people access high-quality digital healthcare.

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Anatomy of a  mmWave Radar Fall Detection Health Monitor & Algorithm

Falling is an instantaneous action, and the movement, height and speed of the human body will change rapidly. In the process of falling, the human body generally goes from standing to sitting on the floor or lying down on the floor, and the center point of the human body rapidly drops from a higher position to the ground or a height close to the ground.

How to work with IoT health sensors?

IoT health sensor/IoT health detector/IoT health monitor

More for detail

Insurers Collaboration for Health Solutions

To provide healthcare services and peace of mind, and we help insurance companies provide unparalleled value for professional m-health, e-health, insurance and financial companies plan to cooperate with us as we use exclusive artificial intelligence, innovative algorithms, machine learning.

Hosptials and Health Communities

Hospitals and health systems can work with us together in order to effectively build and administer their entire virtual care strategy at unmatched quality and scale. Our enterprise virtual care platform and devices deliver an intuitive user experience for both patients and physiciansfrom the hospital to the home.

Non-invasive blood glucose monitor bracelet

AI & Machine Leaning

It is mainly to design and analyze some algorithms that allow computers to “learn” automatically. Machine learning algorithm is a kind of algorithm that automatically analyzes and obtains rules from data, and uses the rules.



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Let’s work together on your Healthcare with IoT devices!

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Elderly Caregivers Digital Health

Elderly Caregivers Digital Health

Hifcare Digital Health
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